About Us




Our firm started at a kitchen table as a result of heated discussions about environment and recycling. The decision was to develop and introduce a recycling waste bin for outdoor environment. We thought: ”If we must recycle at home, we should be able to recycle even outside”.


New product: Kiwi

After a few country-tours we realized that there was a need for a stylish, functional and robust recycling system for public indoor environment. Kiwi recycling bin is born and developed into a whole product series.


New product: Mango

Mango receptacle is created as an answer to market’s need for a bird-proof, rat-proof and elegant waste bin that can easily be set together to form an integrated recycling system with optional number of recyclables.


New product: Papaya

After about 40 country-tours and hundreds of hotel nights Papaya is born – a product series of waste bins especially designed for hotels: hotel rooms, lobby, conference rooms, spa, etc.

We set up guidelines for our environmental policy before we had a registered company or a finished product.


Environmental policy

We will always strive to make as small ecological footprint as possible by:

Striving to make the production process more effective at the same time minimizing environmental effects

Using swedish suppliers and swedish raw material.
Using recyclable, or even better, recycled material in production and packaging.
Driving electric vehicles in our work.
Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, codes of conduct and other regulatory requirements
Reviewing our efforts on a regular basis

Our products are meant to make the environment better - both through sustainable  choices and corporate practices, and appealing design.